Tuesday, 21 October 2014


A lovely day today. Started off with me going to the post office with the cards I forgot to post yesterday!!!! Then off to have coffee with my lovely new friend :-) I will mention here that I did pop the vacum around downstairs before heading out into the windy weather. It was definitely needed. The floor was very bitty. On the housework front, the ironing has crept up again, so I'm going to have to get some done. Especially my mums stuff so I can take it back to her. I was her heavy stuff for her. Her light stuff she hand washes, always has done. She likes her bed clothes ironed. Something I don't do for mine, but to her it's important. "Just in case a doctor has to be called out to me. Mustn't have creased bed clothes." She's always stood by that conviction lol.

Tonight I cooked some pink salmon. To go with that I did some potato wedges, cooked in the Actifryer. A lot more healthier as only a minimal amount of oil is used. We had some mixed veg as well and a glass of low alcohol white wine. All very yummy :-)

I'm planning to do some baking Thursday. Get some cakes made and into the freezer. Got quite a lot to do as we are away for a few days, staying with friends and I'm providing a cheese and bacon flan and I said I'll make a chocolate sponge. I'm also taking my bread machine with me so we can have fresh bread each day :-) I am definitely going to write a list as I know I shall forget something if I don't !!!! Far too much for me to remember. lol. I think I will make a fruit cake to take as well as the chocolate one. Nice to have a choice, and I do like my chocolate sponge, but I like a piece of fruit cake as well :-)

It was 'happy days' for me today as I cast on the first of the chunky socks I like to knit. A sure sign winter is approaching :-) I always feel content when there are chunky socks on the needles :-)

Monday, 20 October 2014

An Autumn day out at Lacock


So here is my latest with the drop spindle. I am now producing some pretty respectable stuff. Not perfect. But so much better than my earlier stuff :-)


So I got into knitting hedgehogs As one does lol.

Wye Valley

An afternoon walk with a friend

Forest of Dean

And a month goes by

And another month has passed. I mentioned in my last post that September would end with a funeral, which it did. Sadly we said a final goodbye to my sister-in-law. I am going to miss her loads.

October saw our 37th wedding anniversary, a day I share with my cousin, who was 18 on my wedding day, so we shared the anniversary day with him which was lovely. Stopped off at a Costa near Sailsbury on the way home which completed the day lovely.

The day after our anniversary we went to the heritage centre in the Forest of Dean. We've been there before, and I love it there. The weather was a bit rubbish, bur we managed to see what we wanted to see in-between downfalls :-) After visiting there, we had a scenic drive home through the Wye Valley. So beautiful. Then a couple of days after that, we went to a Christian meeting in Bath, then met up with my brother and had a dinner at a local pub together, which was lovely :-) On the way home we stopped by a farm shop and treated ourselves to a cream tea. All very yummy :-)

Yesterday was so lovely, and the colours of the trees are so beautiful that hubby and I went out with our cameras and ended up at Lacock. My mum had given us some money to have a meal as an anniversary meal, so we had a meal at Lacock, which was a bit disappointing. A lot of money for what we got, two small pieces of quiche and a tiny bit of salad, which came to just under £6 each, and the quiche  had been heated in a microwave so much that there wasn't must flavour. I would have liked a baguette with it, and a little more salad. Sadly as well the dressing was already put on the sald, and mine was drowned in it. Far too much. Much better to put some in a pot so people can take what they want. I love the ice cream they sell, but I don't think we will have a meal there again. We'll just enjoy their ice cream, and their lovely tea which, I can highly recommend :-)

I've realised today that my mind is more un-organised than I give it credit for lol. I was going to post some cards off to America today, got up town and realised I'd forgotten them. Then had a total mind blank on what I was supposed to be buying. Had to text the hubby and ask him to get the things I'd forgotten!!!! I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to write a list of to do's and to buy!!!

The last four weeks has been very enjoyable, apart from the funeral. I have met up with a fantastic lady, and a few weeks back we went for a walk, which was lovely. She knows a lot about wildlife, and was sharing her expertise. Loved it. We're meeting up quite regular now. We haven't had another walk, but we met at a local cafe for a coffee, and will be meeting up for coffee tomorrow :-) Also this weekend I had another spinning guild meeting at which I was given a spinning lesson by the lovely lady who patiently taught me the drop spindle. I feel very chuffed, I did produce a fairly acceptable yarn. At least not bad for a beginner. Don't think anyone will be rushing to buy it, but I was impressed.

Here is the wheel I used for my first spinning attempt. Yes. I'm bitten by the spinning bug. So much so I've now ordered my own. I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of an Ashford Kiwi. I think that's the right name lol. Apparently the best one for a beginner to start on, which will no doubt serve as such until my hubby makes me one, which he's biting at the bit to do :-) Then I'll be the lucky one and have two :-) So exciting :-)

On the food front, I've got a bit slack with the baking. I'm aiming to have a baking day on Friday. I've been quite good at not throwing stuff away, and using up left overs quickly. Some things sadly ended in the bin because I took too long to get to them, but nothing much.

Tonight I'm doing a roast pork. One of my girls and her hubby is coming to eat with us. Looking forward to that :-) Then Wednesday I have my biggest girl and her hubby coming over for what we call a 'games and nibble night' we usually play Trivial Pursuits, and then maybe another game if there's time :-)