Sunday, 31 January 2016

Latest knits from Autumn 2015 to January 2016


So. It's 2016, and I notice I haven't blogged since October !!!!! There's a very good reason for this. November 10th welcomed into the world my fourth grandchild, who is my first grandson. My three lovely grandgirls, who I love very much, live in America, now I have a grandboy who lives just up the road from me :-). He is a poppet. I had the biggest honour of seeing him born, as I was birthing partner along with his dad :-)

Christmas came and went successfully. We all had a lovely time. A few months before December, I'd bought some raffle tickets for a pound, and won £50.00s worth of Co-Op saving stamps. They bought the bulk of our Christmas eats and drinks. Also I had been saving on my Iceland bonus card. Had managed to accumulate £18 and that was a great help as well :-) So a very cheap Christmas this time :-)

I made socks for all the girls, then made some for some of the boys as a little pressie each. All very gratefully received :-) I've also knitted loads for the baby.

We have been out walking, but mainly before the New year, and mainly to places we regularly go to, so won't be posting photos this time. Hopefully, we will get some nice Sunday walks in soon, if this damp weather subsides, and gets drier.

We ate far too much over Christmas. So thinking of embarking on a healthy diet regime, without actually going on a diet. I am fed up of diets, but if I can get into good eating habits, then that will do me more good than dieting. Also, diets end up becoming very expensive. My plan is to have more vegetable based menus. That won't be too difficult, as I'm a very hypocritical meat eater. If I had to kill it, I wouldn't eat it. So I'm aiming to do two meat meals a week. Two fish ones, the rest vegetable based ones. I think as well, it will be better on our budget, as meat is expensive. I do tend to believe that we eat too much meat, and that vegetable based dinners would be better for us. Anyway. Watch this space :-)

I was pleased we didn't throw away too much unused food stuff over the wither holiday time. Some stuff made it to the bin, but nowhere near as much in previous years. I am still doing reasonably well getting leftovers used up :-) Though I've had visitors this week, and some of the left overs didn't get 'recycled' and found the bin :-( Hubby and I did eat some left overs from yesterday, tonight though :-) a veg with Quorn pieces stir fry and brown rice. Very yummy :-) I have some rice left over, so that will become a rice salad. I'm challenging myself again to use up cupboard and freezer build up foods, I start off well doing this, then get pulled away, and it all starts building up again, but, I'm determined to get myself into gear and do this :-)

The next few months will be busy. My mum is moving in with us, so we have to get the house up to some decent standard which she will enjoy being in. Hubby and I are a bit lazy, and not the worlds best at home interiors. We are however looking forward to doing a spruce up. It's well over due.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

In our garden.

This chappy was in our back yard :-)

I looked out our living room window a couple of weeks ago, and saw this little fellow pecking around on our lawn :-)

Pie's using left over mincemeat casserole.

Little jam pasty made with pastry scraps, my 18yr old loved it lol

My mum to be cakes :-)

Latest creations.

I'm still finishing off a little jumper for the baby. I'm on my first sleeve. Front and back done :-) I have some chunky socks on the needles ready for my eldest. Halfway through the first one. She loves her chunky socks. One pair keeps coming back for repair, which have now gone past any form of repair as they are too holey lol. So a couple of new pairs will be coming her way :-) If I haven't said before. I love knitting socks :-)

I finished off a pair of fingerless gloves for my mum :-) Also made a poppy. A crocheted one. I'm so fed up of losing poppies, I decided to make a poppy brooch. I still put money in a collection box. Just didn't take a poppy.


Saturday, we had some friends visit us who we haven't seen for quite a while. It was so lovely. We went out for dinner. (cheap and cheerful, two meals for a tenner type place) It was such a lovely day, and it seemed like we had only been with each other the previous day, not three years!!!! It's so lovely to have a friendship with people that is always a friendship, no matter how much time goes between visits :-)

Nearly November

Nearly November!!! And I have a grandson due to enter this world on the 2nd :-) Very exciting :-) Mum to be is doing well, and is coming here today to make some cookies with me. last week I made cakes with her. I'm on labour alert, as I have the honour of being birthing partner with with her, so I feel like I'm having a baby as well, in that I'm waiting for labour signs lol. Also, making sure I'm not far away :-)

I needed to pull in the purse strings a little, so the Slimming World diet has been put on the back burner for now, or maybe for ever as I'm realising I'm too strung up about weight size. My body image is poor, and I have no real excuse for it really, because I have a husband, who I have been with since I was 15, who loves me to bits, and doesn't worry or nag me about my weight. It's all a 'me problem,' Anyway. I needed to save some pennies, and spending a fiver near on for a certain brand of yogurt, so you can eat as much of it as you like, seemed a bit frivolous, amongst other free food for your body, but not your purse!!!
So. I have made my own yogurt this week, and I'm busy using up freezer, cupboard items, which I'm finding a fun challenge :-) I am being careful with my eating though. Limited amounts of cake, and  'naughty foods' but not denying myself any either, so I don't start craving for them and eating too much :-) I'm hoping to knock at least £100 off the monthly bill. When I'm not on one of my diet moments, I do save a lot on food stuff. Although I wasn't doing too bad while dieting, but popular diets, do eat into the household vault :-)
This week, I did a roast pork dinner on Monday which led to a Chinese fried rice, Annie style, last night for dinner, and tonight the remainder will be served with corned beef, healthy chips, ( par boiled, then cooked in the Actifryer with some Frylight) and baked beans. So I'm pleased with how one meal has stretched into 3 :-)
Last week, I had some mincemeat casserole left over, so that became a pie. One large, and a smaller one, The smaller one is in the freezer, which will do my hubby and I a dinner one night when it's just us. Also last week I finally got the cake together for hubby's belated birthday cake work take in. Two chocolate Victoria sandwich's two white ones. A fruit cake and a banana tea bread. All got eaten with a lot of compliments, and mururs of applying for the Bake Off!!!! No way. I enjoy baking, love soggy bottoms, and weird shapes. The Bake Off would put me would off and remind me too much of cooking at school  !!!! :-)

We enjoyed a delightful Autumn trip on Sunday. We went to our favourite, Dyrham Park. The colours and views were amazing. It was a lovely day, and thoroughly enjoyable :-)