Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Next throw

I've started the next throw. My aim is to do a square a day, but that hasn't happened yet. Might be more like a square a week lol. Anyway. I'm hoping it's not going to take 4yrs to make this one, like it did the other one !!!!!!!

Close by

It's not just on walks I like to take some photos. I also like to keep an eye on what is in and around my garden :-)

Spotted these two having a game of scrabble in the sunshine :-)

Out again!!!!

Now. It must seem that we are always out walking and taking photos. Well. Yes. We are lol. We do try and get out somewhere each weekend if possible. Especially now the sun is shining :-) Saturday, we went to the locks at Devizes. Another favourite place of ours. Not a lot to take photos of, but a lovely afternoon out. They have a lovely cafe there, where we enjoyed a beautiful cup of tea :-)

Dyrham Park again lol

We love Dyrham Park. Every time we go there is always something to take pictures of.

Local places

Hubby and I and a friend and I have been out on lots of walks locally here are some photos from my expeditions :-) The fun thing about going out for a walk around where you live is that you get to meet new people. Being trained as a hairdresser and being naturally chatty, I find it very easy to talk to people I don't know. We met one man and his dog (lol) and it turned out we sort of knew his wife. You don't get know these things if you don't converse and be friendly :-) It is a lot easier to strike up a conversation with someone if they have a dog or a child with them, because that can be the starting point of a conversation with them :-)

Saw this in a garden :-)

My daughter's dog Floyd