Friday, 28 August 2015

Another hedgehog. This one is off to America.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Have now finished the hoodie I've been making for my eldest grandaughter.

Back yard visitor

This little chappie/lady was in our back yard :-)


Tuesday, we popped over the bridge into Wales to hang out with our lovely son who lives in Cardiff. He has some candles, which were new when we stayed there quite a few months back. Now they have melted down, and they look amazing.

Back to the diet

So. I weighed myself last week and wished I hadn't :-( weighed in at 10st 13oz. Far to heavy for my 5' 4" body, so I'm back on a diet, back with Slimming World as it's a diet I know well, and is always successful, and it's doing what it says on the tin so to speak, as I weighed myself today, and I'm now 10st 9". So I'm very happy with that :-) I'm doing the diet via online, as that works easier for me rather than getting to a class. I have to admit It's been a good week, and quite a challenge as well, because I'm still determined to keep it as economical as I can, and I think this last week I have managed that. Hubby is coming on board with it today, he needs to shrink his tummy a little :-) He will lose weight a lot quicker than me, he always does (boo) lol :-)

One of my favourite keep on the fridge to binge on foods is what I call a pasta quiche. This is such a simple thing to make. All you need is a packet of Pasta n Sauce. If you'e doing a Slimming World diet, make sure you get the packs that are classed as 'free. Cook that up with water, don't use the milk. Let it cool. Whizz together 3 eggs, one regular sized tub of cottage cheese, I add some dried herbs as well and mix into the cooled coked pasta. For the quiche I made this time I added some cooked speed veg, that then males the quiche a meal in itself, without having to add the extra veg Slimming World likes you to. Put the mixture into a flan dish, pop it into the oven reg 6 gas, and cook for 30-35mins or until you think it's ready. Very yummy, and lovely to have on hand for those felling hungry moments. Free food on an extra easy day and green day :-)