Sunday, 8 March 2015

Marching on

Looking back on one of my last last, I see I was talking about going on a diet etc. I have these moments where I feel I need to go on one. The problem is, no diet is necessarily thrifty money wise, and I was getting to the stage where I always end up getting to hen I embark on dieting having to cook separate for me, as the family aren't so keen on diet meals!!! Somehow, I don't find that good housekeeping. Also, as with the diets I go on, Slimming World/Weight Watchers I find I'm at odds with foods they say you can eat plenty of in comparison to what is 'syned' or 'pointed.' I then find I eat foods I wouldn't normally buy or eat, and that's when I find I'm spending more, so, although I need to lose a little extra weight baggage, I'm going to do it, hopefully, through self control and eating sensibly.  Taking note of when I feel I need to eat when I probably don't need to, what triggers the desire to eat un-necessarily. I have noted I tend to want to be a 'secret eater' when I'm bored, or feeling lonely. Never because I feel hungry. So. I'm attempting now to eat sensibly, at meals time and not in-between meals.

I made a chicken casserole two nights ago that didn't get all eaten up, so that is now baked in a pie and frozen down ready for a meal next week :-) I also made some cookies. One batch was for my son, who we're staying with this weekend, and a batch for my daughter to nibble on in our absence. I have to be honest, I don 't know why I don't bake cookies more often, they taste so much better than bought biscuits, I also know what's in them as well :-D

I'm just finishing off a knitted baby duffel coat that one of my girls wanted me to make for her to give to friend. Then I'm determined to finish off unfinished projects, of which I have quite a few of!!!!!

I mentioned being at my son't this weekend which we are, in Cardiff. Yesterday was such a lovely spring day. We went to Cardiff Castle. It was a lovely time together :-)This morning we had breakfast in a Toby Inn which was delicious :-) We will be heading off home later, after a board game  :-)

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