Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to the diet

So. I weighed myself last week and wished I hadn't :-( weighed in at 10st 13oz. Far to heavy for my 5' 4" body, so I'm back on a diet, back with Slimming World as it's a diet I know well, and is always successful, and it's doing what it says on the tin so to speak, as I weighed myself today, and I'm now 10st 9". So I'm very happy with that :-) I'm doing the diet via online, as that works easier for me rather than getting to a class. I have to admit It's been a good week, and quite a challenge as well, because I'm still determined to keep it as economical as I can, and I think this last week I have managed that. Hubby is coming on board with it today, he needs to shrink his tummy a little :-) He will lose weight a lot quicker than me, he always does (boo) lol :-)

One of my favourite keep on the fridge to binge on foods is what I call a pasta quiche. This is such a simple thing to make. All you need is a packet of Pasta n Sauce. If you'e doing a Slimming World diet, make sure you get the packs that are classed as 'free. Cook that up with water, don't use the milk. Let it cool. Whizz together 3 eggs, one regular sized tub of cottage cheese, I add some dried herbs as well and mix into the cooled coked pasta. For the quiche I made this time I added some cooked speed veg, that then males the quiche a meal in itself, without having to add the extra veg Slimming World likes you to. Put the mixture into a flan dish, pop it into the oven reg 6 gas, and cook for 30-35mins or until you think it's ready. Very yummy, and lovely to have on hand for those felling hungry moments. Free food on an extra easy day and green day :-)

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