Monday, 12 October 2015

Fly by time

So. Now it's October, and well into October as well. The weather is sunny but chilly. Autumn is here, and I love it. My favourite season of the year. It's colours, smells, and the feeling of winter anticipation makes this season so special to me :-)

So, from August, we have been to America, to see my lovely family there. We were there for two weeks in September. The beginning of September, which by the time we got home, made September seem it had never happened lol.
Travels started on the 4th. We spent that night in a cheap and cheerful motel type place. Very basic, but had all we needed, the only thing missing was a kettle in the room, but there was a vending machine, so we were able to get hot drinks. The price however was very reasonable, and we would stay there again, but take our own kettle to use :-) We were able to leave the car there, getting a taxi in the morning of the 5th to fly out to Alabama. We also returned there when we got back to England for the day and stayed another night, giving hubby a day to sleep off a good chunk of the jet lag, getting back home on the 21st Sept, ready for two birthday girls on the 22nd :-) So yes. September vanished very quickly, and I said to hubby the other day, it feels like we've missed out on September and gone straight into October lol.

America was lovely, and family time was great. My daughter has moved to a new home which was beautiful. Lots of trees in the back yard. Very peaceful. Hubby and I loved it. We all had a mini vacation about an hour away from where they lives, staying in a log cabin in the mountains. We visited Rock City, Ruby Falls, and went on a cliff train to the top of a mountain. Views were incredible. Scenery fantastic. Ruby Falls was breathtaking. We also did some sight seeing driving, and again, the eyes were treated big time to overwhelming beauty.
It was so lovely to be part of my lovely families daily life as well, going to watch my youngest daughter play soccer, the older two do their gymnastics. Going along to the Bible study they go to each week. Helping out where I can and just spending quality time with them all. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye. Sometimes I wish I could split myself in two and be able to be in America and England, because I have wonderful family here who I miss terrible when I'm not here as well.

I was texting one of my daughters earlier trying to sort out the weekend. Another daughter has a baby due in November and Saturday is the baby shower. The daughter I was texting lives in Bristol as she is at UWE, and will be travelling over, and another daughter is in Manchester, so is travelling down from there, I wanted to get meals sorted etc. Anyway. I was texting arranging picking her up etc, and asking how her foot was, as she hurt it badly last week. Instead of the text saying 'I can' it said 'Ivan' the predictive text had decided what I wanted to say. I noticed this after I sent the text, so sent another saying I meant I can, and I don't know anyone called Ivan!!! My daughter text back and said "your predictive text is having fun with you today. You sent me a text saying you were going to batter day, and that I had Afro on my foot." So funny. I can't stop chuckling :-D

So. I think I mentioned in August I was starting up Slimming World again. I weighed in at 11st. Got down to 10st 8lb before heading of to America. Came home and weighed 10st 9lb so pleased that I only put on 1lb :-) I'm now 10st 4lb. So all is going well, and I'm chuffed with myself. It's a slow and steady loss, which, I believe is better for your body :-)
Meals haven't been too much of a problem price wise. They've been tasty. I especially enjoyed a vegetable casserole, I stuck in the slow cooker yesterday. It was more of a lovely chunky veg. soup, and the addition of lentils gave it a lovely texture. Had some for lunch as well today. Still as yummy :-) Tonight is a roast pork dinner, which is cooking away at the moment and smelling delicious :-) Super yum :-)

On the saving and not wasting food front, I've been pretty god, using up or turning left overs into another dinner. I haven't had to throw much away. I still need to keep a bit of a head start on yogurts and yogurt type stuff though. I tend to forget about them, or don't get round to cooking what it was they were going to be added to, so sadly a pot of Quark found it's way to the bin earlier :-(
I have discovered a way to save lettuce. Well, it was my daughter in America who gave me the advice. I was saying how quickly an iceberg discolours once torn into. She said she takes lettuce off from the outside, leaf by leaf, keeping the lettuce in tact, so I tried that, and it works. I've had two lettuces now and not had to throw them away before they've been used up, because they've gone brown :-)

Hubby and I have had a couple of walks since being home. Enjoying the Autumn colours :-) We went to Coate Water and Stourhead. Also some more local places.Lovely to get out there and enjoy the colours and crispness of Autumn :-)

I've been busy knitting as usual. Made a little cardie, hat and boties for my soon to be grandson. Came home and finished off a knitted duffle coat I was making before our America trip. Made another small cardie and booties for the baby, and now making a jumper my daughter, who is mum to be chose. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern. Very nice. The Debbie Bliss wool not so nice price wise, and the only alternative was to knit it in 4ply with bigger needles. Anyway, I Googled alternatives see what i could find in America, and happily there was one, which I got, at half the price of the Debbie Bliss one. It's lovely and soft, and I'm a very happy kniter :-D

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