Sunday, 13 July 2014

A week on

So we are a week on. More walks. More pics lol. The weather has been incredible. So good for British weather. Really can't complain :-) Most walks have been local, except yesterday when we went to Devizes Locks. Though we are near Devizes, it was more of a day out. After the locks, we went up on Roundhill, or Olivers Hill as it's named. Something to do with Oliver Cromwell, and a battle there in the Cival War. Part of the hill hosts a White Horse that has been chalked into it. Not sure if it's an old one, or more of a modern one.

Thursday I cooked a beef casserole up in the slow cooker. Ended up being an evening when there was only three of us eating in, so the remainders ended up as pies :-) Very nice too. I have frozen one, which will make a nice meal for hubby and I after a day out :-)

I think I mentioned I'd bought a new yogurt maker from Lakelands. The same as I had years ago that died on me. Lovely to be back into making yogurt again, and it got the thumbs up from youngest one :-) When ther were all younger, I would make up a bowl of it, and put all nice things out for them to make their own flavours etc. They loved it. With the left over starter yogurt I made some yogurt lollies. They made a lovely coll dessert the other evening :-)

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