Sunday, 6 July 2014

Following Sunday

Last week seemed to disappear as soon as it had arrived!!! Bought myself some smaller baking tins, as the children flit in and out, and don't attack the cake tin as they used to, except my son, but he's not always here, so cake was being left to the waistline of myself and hubby. Not good!!! So I thought "right!!" smaller cakes are needed. So I made my usual mixture, but divided it between two cake cake tins. Result, two rather cute smaller cakes, which I forgot to photograph. When they emerge from the freezer I will take a pic and post :-)

We're going to start a wildlife garden. I bought some seeds, which we will sow in the Autumn. We want to encourage butterflies and insects to visit us :-) Also going to get a nice bird table, and make it as cat proof as possible. Our cat is too old and not interested now, but neigbours have cats. Think we'll get a metal one, so it's too slippery for cat paws to climb :-) The object of this is, of of course, being able to take photos :-)

Wednesday night I did a homemade pizza night for the gang. Then those of us who wanted played Trivial Pursuits :-) All great fun :-) Made a chocolate Victoria for dessert, and also made some little fruit fairy cakes. All yummy!!!

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