Saturday, 9 August 2014

A long while

Time flies lol. Ages since I've managed to get on here. Been busy doing I don't know what, but enough for time to just slip by, so that here we are, into the second week of August.
We've had some lovely days out, I've taken lots of lovely pics which I will post in a while.

Food wise, salads have been the thing over the last couple of weeks. The weather has been so lovely, that eating hot cooked stuff isn't over enjoyable. To sit down to a a salad with maybe one hot item has been refreshing and yummy.
Rich has been growing some potatoes, and it looks like there are some ready, so they are going to be yummy as part of a salad in the week. Also some broad beans , not many, but I will cook them and mix them in with another veg. They aren't the most favourite veg in this household with the children. I remember as a child I hated them. Mum and dad didn't have much money when my brother and I were young. They were both keen gardeners, and dad had an allotment for a while. One of the things he grew in the summer was broad beans, which were our staple veg in the summer. When I was young, cooking broad beans without the skins weren't the thing, so it was broad beans with the tough skins on, not the thing for young children lol. Now, here I have to confess up, I am a great believer of keeping veg in as much as it's original state as possible, I would rather clean veg and cook with the skins on wherever possible, as all the goodness is in the skins, and I did develope a liking for broad beans with skins in my older years :-). Now though, having experienced them skinless, I much prefer them 'naked' easier to digest, and the taste is more palatable :-) so it's 'naked' broad beans for me these days :-) yum :-)

I have a baby cardie on the go. My eldest daughter's friend's daughter is having a baby, so the cardie is for her. The baby's going to be a little girl, so I'm knitting in pink. Must admit I've not got a lot done. I've been a little addicted to Hay Day Farm lol. Going to have to start disciplining myself and weaning myself off it a bit. It's becoming far too time assuming lol. Think it appeals to my hospitality bend, and liking to provide for people. These game developing people are very clever. They know what buttons to push to get a person's interest lol. Still a game can only control a person for however amount of time a person allows it to do so. I need to prioritise, and still enjoy playing it, but on my terms and not it's :-), so hopefully, soon, I will have a pic of a finished cardie to post :-)

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