Monday, 25 August 2014

August marching on!

So August is coming to a close. Next Saturday we have a daughter getting married, so it's all excitement here. My daughter in America is coming over with her two youngest. I will miss my eldest grandgirl, who will be staying back in the USA. I will have to buy her something special for her mom take home to her :-)

Today it has been typical Bank Holiday weather. Rain. lol. We went into Chippenham this morning as one of my girls, who is bridesmaid next week, needed to buy some shoes for the occasion. Hubby and I didn't need much, so, as I'd made us up a coffee in our Costa flask mugs, we went back to the car and had a cafe experience there. Cheap, but cheerful. Of course, I couldn't sit there and idle time away, and I'd left my crochet and Kindle at home, so Wilkingsons kindly had some fancy scarf yarn and appropriate needles on sale, which gave me something to do until my daughter was ready. Hubby got himself a crossword book, so we were very happy and content :-)

Yesterday we went to a car boot sale. Hubby got a sander for a fiver. We were able to check it worked as well, by taking our car socket thing, which the seller thought was a brilliant idea, and is now considering buying one. I think that would be a very good idea if he did, because I'm sure many think as I do, that parting money for electricals that don't work is not something I would want to do, and wouldn't take the risk. If he had one of those, he could offer a potential buyer the chance to check an item works, and probably get more sales :-) Anyway. Hubby enjoyed his new toy last night and put it to work. He's making our Uni daughter a bedside cabinet. She only has a narrow space to put it, so need a custom made one :-)
I bought myself a cardigan and a woolly sweater, spending only a fiver as well ;-)
After we'd been to the car boot, we went on to a Spinner's and Weaver's Guilds exhibition. A lovely lady explained how to do the drop spindle. My efforts are improving since, but no where near exceptional work lol. The Guild is near to where I live, so I'm going to join it, and hopefully, very soon, I shall be adept in drop spindling :-) Hubby is going to make me a spinning wheel, which I'm very excited about :-)

Last Sunday we went out with friends to a local garden centre that was holding a craft fair. I bought myself a pretty bracelet from a jewellery stall which I will wear to my daughter's wedding. After that we went to Lacock, had a picnic, then a walk. A lovely day with lovely people :-)
On the Saturday, we went into Bath. Spent time in The Royal Victoria Park, or Vicky Park as we called it when we lived there. Hubby and I went as tourists this time. Camera's around our necks :-) One of our girls was in the the carnival as Cinderella, so we hung around to see her. She looked amazing. But then she always does, as does all her sisters and brothers :-)

On the kitchen front it's been swings and roundabouts. Savings made on some things and me having proud moments at being so thrifty, then shame at other times because I didn't act fast enough and save some food stuff.

I've just mentioned above that I started a fancy scarf this morning. I'm nearly through a baby cardigan, and then I have some fingerless gloves to make for my biggest girl. I haven't done much to the cardigan I'm making for me, or much done to any of the blankets I'm making. Hopefully I will get a spur on, and catch up on all my back log :-)

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