Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Flying time

I was surprised at how quick August had arrived. I'm even more shocked that we are now well into September.

August was a very busy month. We had a wedding. Our 5th eldest, third daughter got married. Our second eldest second daughter came over from America with our two youngest grandaughters for the wedding. They stayed with us, so we had fun. Went on a couple of fun trips :-) We went to Bowood and Cotswold Wildife Park, and just enjoyed chilling out and being with each other.

The wedding went well, and the bride looked lovely. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day, and a lovely venue.

On the thrifty side of things, things went a bit pear shaped over August. I've had to pull my socks up though and keep an eye on the pennies, so I've hunted through the freezer and cupboards so I buy only what I need to. It's amazing how easy it is to slip back into bad habits and not keep an eye on the fridge.and what needs using up. I'm aiming to get into such a mentality that no matter what's going on around me, being wasteful will not happen. Keeping food from being thrown away and being resourceful will become second nature :-)

The beginning of September began with my hubby's birthday. Then a sad farwell to my daughter and grandaughters who had to return back to the States. My youngest returned to college, and child number 8, my 5th daughter returned to UWE. My 3rd son, 6th eldest will be stating a new job in Brecon Beacons Wales. That's both my boys in Wales. My 2nd boy, 4th eldest is in Cardiff. Lovely to see them get on in life. Always sad to see them leave :-(

Yesterday was very sad. My sister in law, who was the sister I never had, passed away. She had a brain tumour. I am going to miss her loads :-(

The end of the month see's two more birthdays. Both on the same day. Daughter no.4 7th child, and daughter no.8 9th child both share the same day. No.8 child leaving behind her teens and starting off her 20's. And sadly, the end of September will probably end with a funeral :-(

On the knitting front, I've finished a baby cardigan, just need to put the buttons on. And I've finished a pair of fingerless gloves, knitted for my eldest. Daughter no.1 whose pair I made her last year have worn out where she'd worn them so much walking her energetic Staffie, and the lead wore into them :-) I haven't taken any photo's of them yet, I will post pics as soon as I do.

Hubby has been creative. Our UWE daughter needed a bedside cabinate. As the size was crucial, she needed a made to measure unit, so he made her one :-)

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