Monday, 29 September 2014


Last Sunday a group of us went on a walk around the outskirts of Bowood house. It was a lovely walk. Weather was good, and company great :-)

Thursday the 25th, which was my eldest daughter's wedding anniversary, was the day we said our goodbyes to my sister in law. Although a sad occasion, it was a very well thought out funeral, and wasn't morbid at all. My brother, who was marvellous all through my sister in laws illness, kept it very 'light.' I'm sure if she could have watched, she would have approved.

My newly married daughter and her hubby came down for the funeral, so it was lovely to have them here with me for a couple of days. They went home on the Saturday, and Rich and I didn't feel like hanging around the house, so we went off to Dyrham Park, and we're so glad we did because the deer were in a very photogenic mood. Apparently the the stags are getting ready for the rutting season, so they were out strutting their stuff. Young, not fully grown stags were also doing a fair share of showing off, almost as if they were doing a practice run for when their time comes. One young chappy was having fun throwing a stick around with his very small, yet to develope antlers :-) Another stag decided to decorate himself in the hope a female would admire his efforts. He covered his antlers with grass. Looked around to see what effect he was having, saw not one lady deer was interested, so ended up eating it lol.

Yesterday we went to the Game and Country Fair at Bowood. First time I've ever been there, but you can be sure I will go again next year :-) The weather was great, and it was a fantastic day :-)

I didn't take that many photos. Here's a cute one I did take though.

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