Monday, 3 November 2014

Feeling happy

My spinning wheel is up and running :-) It's back to square one as far as producing the yarn lol. Having began to produce something that could be called fairly passable on my drop spindle, it's now back to interesting looking yarn :-) Though not rope, which was my first drop spindle attempt efforts!!!
I also washed my first piece of fleece, and managed not to felt it. My machine has a 'hand wash wool' cycle, so I put a small amount in on that to see what would happen and it's all nice and soft and ready to be carded. Some of it is still drying. Photos to follow :-) Talking about drying fleece. I was trying to remember what the smell reminded me of, and it suddenly came to me. It reminded me of our Rottie when he was wet lol!!! It definitely has a 'wet dog' smell :-)

My Spinning Wheel

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