Tuesday, 4 November 2014


At the end of October we spent a few days with some friends at Ruby County Lodges in Devon. Very peaceful, very beautiful and very restful. We had some tips. Went to Bude Beach in Cormwall. Chagford, Moretonhampstead, Tavistock, Roadford Lake and The Hidden Valley. Although at The hidden Valley hubbie and I spent the time there in the first aid room dealing with a nose bleed he was having which then kept reoccurring the the next six days, ending up last night with spending two hours at a local A&E. Thankfully nothing seriously :-) Anyway. On the way home from Devon we stopped off at Dartmeet. So beautiful. We really want to go there again. Then we went on to Honiton for lunch. Not so taken with Honiton. The museum was good and worth a look around, but nothing grabbed me there to want to go there again soon. Tavistock was a lovely place. I think that was mainly because it had a fantastic wool/craft shop :-) Definitely want to go there again :-)

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