Monday, 16 February 2015

Onward bound

I weighed myself the other day, then realised it wasn't the wisest thing to do lol. My weight had crept up to 11st. Now I didn't look 11st, even though I'm only 5ft 4" I'm small framed as well. The extra weight must be hidden inside me. Though I must admit my tummy is a little round, and my hips a little larger than I'm happy with :-) Having seen this weight, I decided a diet plan was in order, and ended with Weight Watchers as their plan seems to fit in easy with my day to day living. That was last week, I weighed today, and I've lost 3lb :-) So I'm happy, as it's been a 3lb loss with little effort, which is the sort of diet I prefer :-D.
In the past I've done Slimming World, which I've done very well with in the past. Now I find their plan a bit confusing. It's changed too much. People new into it though, I think will do well with it. For me, I have too much info. from past memberships to get into it again with all it's new programs.

I've been watching the Greg Wallace program on BBC about living well for less. It didn't teach me anything new. It did affirm to me I do very well with my budgeting, but could do a lot better. I bulked a lot at what families were spending, and bulked even more at the family of 6 and their expenses, and using the excuse of having 4 children the reason why they spent so much. I also bulked a little at the new cheaper food costs, because I fed 10 children plus their friends for a lot less!!!! The thing that really stood out to me in these programs was the unwillingness to cook from scratch and create their own meals. Also to think out of the box and be creative with left overs.
I have to admit I never enjoyed cooking at school, but it did put me in good stead. I know what to do with a cheaper piece of meat, how to put cakes together etc. Now it seems we have a couple of generations that don't find cooking easy :-( Maybe it would be good to bring cooking lessons as I knew them in the 1960's/70's back again :-)

So, talking about food, what am I cooking tonight?? After watching the Greg Wallace program, I realised that my meal planning had disappeared into oblivion, and I was guilty of graze type shopping. Knowing what I have in the freezer etc and buying what I think I'd use with what I had. Most the time I did use what I had bought, but sometimes I didn't. So it was back to planning meals again. All keen and ready!!! I woke up this morning without the faintest idea what dinner tonight will be lol. Anyway. After going through various alternatives. One involving having to buy something to complete the meal, I've settled on is mincemeat with mash and veg. No extra buying needed as I have all this in stock :-)

I've set myself a challenge to spend less this month. We need to save up for extras we'd need. I'm looking forward to this. Meal planning will be essential. being creative a must, and fitting this new budget fun into dieting a challenge :-) One thing about the Weight Watchers plan that I noticed, this shouldn't be too hard to do. You don't have to rely heavily on a branded fat free yogurt. You can use the cheaper natural low fat ones, which suits out budget pocket a lot better :-)

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