Wednesday, 4 February 2015


February brings in the cold and snow. Just a little where I live, but it's cold and chilly. Today though the sun is shining off and on, which is nice :-)

The other day hubby made a bird table.

I'm so pleased with it. No small birds have used it yet. It's made especially for them, as it has so large mesh around it. The wood pigeons have given it a try, and failed! I felt so mean so put some bread on our patio table lol.

We've had a few trips lately. Last week my daughter came down from Manchester for a long weekend with her husband. While she went to spend some time with a friend, my eldest and I took her husband to visit Lacock as he'd never been there before. The Abbey had a Light Sculpture exhibition in the grounds.

Hubby and I have also had a couple more trips back to Coate Water Country Park. We love it there :-) Nice and near to get to, and it always makes a lovely morning out. It was a little on the cold side this time. My feet, even with thick woolly socks on got very cold. Seeing all the bird life was worth the cold feet though. Still haven't seen anything other than birds there yet. Waiting to yet spot a squirrel, or maybe some other wildlife creature :-)

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