Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Catching up with time

I always intend to keep up with my blog a lot more regular than I do (sigh) So here I am a month after the last entry feeling peeved that I've left it so long again!!!! This means that I have to try to remember what has happened since I last blogged which isn't an easy thing for me to do lol.

Lot's of walking again with my lovely hubby. On a couple of occasions family have come along as well which is great :-) We've done local walks. Fairly local walks at Castle Coombe Wiltshire. Also, further a field outings, such as Stourhead and Shearwater in Warminster. We've also enjoyed bird life in our garden, and just outside our garden.
Sadly, a tree not far from us split in half in the windy weather last week :-( Our landscape from our front gate has now changed.

I gave myself  a good talking to the other week. I found myself wasting time in front of the telly during the day and not getting things done, This made me feel really irritable, because obviously nothing was getting done. I was even neglecting my knitting. Just sitting zombie like in front of the 'box' from the time I got up until bedtime. Doing odd bit's and pieces, but not much. The problem was, I found, I'd pop the news on while having my breakfast and that was it!!! The day gone!!!! So last week, I started to not put the telly on. I put a local radio station on instead, and I've got so much more achieved. This has made me feel so much happier :-) I feel much more motivated, and actually got a batch of cookies made one morning first thing, which I hardly ever do these days. The fun thing was dancing around the kitchen while I made them :-) lol  So. No more daytime telly for me :-)

The thing is about having a radio on with a bit of up beat music is you don't want to sit around. I found it helped with getting knitting done as well. I seemed to knit to the beat :-D HaHa :-D I did get a lot done last week knitwise though which was fantastic. I finished my four year on the go throw, and that I now on it's way to my daughter in Manchester. I have another one to start., which I'm aiming to start by the end of the week, with the aim to do one square at least a day :-) Only just under a hundred to make, so hopefully I shall be able to report another finished throw in four months !!!! Watch this space lol :-)
I'm knitting a sweater now for my second eldest grandgirl in America. I recently finished a jacket for the youngest darling, who is eagerly awaiting me to knit her a hedgehog lol.

Food saving hasn't been to bad over the last month. Some food stuff found the bin, but not an over amount. I've done quite well as well in keeping dinners within what I have hanging about in the kitchen cupboards as freezer.
Tonight, as the weather is sunny, I used up some stuff from the freezer, and fridge left overs. Added some boiled potatoes, and salad items, and there was dinner. As the weather forecast is good for the rest of the week, then salad with everything it will be :-) Nice and simple, and always well received. Tomorrow, will be a cheese flan I expect, as I have plenty of cheese and bacon and some eggs. Cheese flan is always popular :-) I'm also defrosting a joint of ham, to cook up, using my pressure cooker, and that will be dinner sorted for a couple of evenings :-) I love simplicity. So less hassle. No need to be a posh, cor don bluer cook. No need to feel dinner has to be fiddly fancy foods. My lot are more than happy with good old cooked ham and chips :-)

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