Tuesday, 6 January 2015


So here we are 2015. Since my last post things have been hectic, and I have no idea where the time went!!!!

Christmas has come and gone. Quite surprised that the food waste was very slight. Some stuff didn't get used, and ended being binned, but it was only a few things, so feeling quite pleased about that :-)

So now, I'm thinking of Christmas 2015. I'd like to do more homemade stuff for people, and that means, if I do home make, I need to get a move on now. The only problem being, I don't really feel very motivated to do so. I've started to look though my books, but can't seem to get my head around anything lol. I'm sure I will at some point :-)

I feel I've piled on the lbs over the last few weeks, so hoping to drop some of them that are definitely unwanted!! Don't want to do a slimming plan, as that get's expensive, and I think all it takes is a little will power, and not nibble on the foods you know carry the label 'a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips!!' For someone who is not keen on chocolate, I seem to have developed a taste for it lately!!

We had some nice walks over the holiday. Some local, some a drive away. I also got some craft stuff done. Photo's to follow :-)

I don't make New Year resolutions. I never keep to them, so don't bother now. I am determined to make this a good year in regards to making stuff, saving money where I can, and not being wasteful :-) I'm quite excited at how this year will pan out :-)

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