Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New appliance

Earlier this month I treated myself to a soup maker. I've ummed and ahhed about getting one for quite a while, but finally decided to invest, and I'm so glad I'm so glad I did. After the first use, it was up there with my slow cooker and bread machine as one of my favourites. So far I've only made veg. soup, and it's SO yummy :-) I said to hubby on Saturday that I think I'll make Saturday a soup day, having in sight to make a chicken and sweetcorn soup next :-)
The beauty of this gadget is that after prepping all the ingredients you put them all in the soup maker with the stock, set it to what type of soup you want, chunky or smooth, and leave it to do it's thing. Twenty minutes later you have a wonderful hot smooth yummy soup. (A bit longer for a chunky one) It is quite noisy when it churns though. Made me jump when I first used it lol :-) Never the less it was well worth the pennies and I can see me using it lots :-)

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