Tuesday, 25 February 2014


It's my mum's birthday today. She's 82 :-) My eldest daughter and I are taking her out to a cafe in a local farm shop a little later. Hopefully, photos will follow on another post :-) I also have a son who will be 25 on Friday :-)

So. I wore my resourceful hat yesterday. Having had an obvious revelation that the best way to save money, is not to go shopping, I'm trying to see if, before setting off to the shops for little things, can I 'shop' in my cupboards first. Elementary stuff really, but for an unorganised spur of the moment sort of person like me, I don't tend to think down those wave lengths. Anyway. My youngest complained on Sunday night that there were no chocolate bars in the fridge for her to take to college for her lunch. I didn't really want to go up the shops, so thought I'd see what I could produce from what my cupboards held.which ended up being chocolate krispie bars. Doing what I would do for krispie cakes, I put the mixture into a tin, rather than cake cases, as I knew that would just not be a street cred thing for a 16yr girl to take to college. They look so much more with it as bars :-) They must have done anyway, because she cheerfully went off this morning with one :-) Nice little saving of a couple of quid there, and a tick in my 'being resourceful book' :-)

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