Monday, 24 February 2014


I love Costa. I love the Costa in my town anyway. It's so friendly, and has a wonderful atmosphere. The thing is, it's expensive. Well, expensive to visit more than once a week. My last visit to town on Saturday saw me taking my own coffee with me in the wonderful Costa flask cup. Wonderful because it doesn't leak, and I can put it in my bag :-) As it was a lovely morning Saturday. Nice and sunny, I sat on a seat, too a rest and drank my 'free' coffee :-) Now. I get a bit of a kick out of that. I saved just under £3.00, which satisfies my present resourceful mindset!! So. This morning I have running through my mind future 'cafe experiences' that I can enjoy by myself, or on my own, inspired by a Groupon offer, offering a cream tea for two at a very decent price of £8.00, seeing it would be at a posh place. However, I thought I can make scones :-). I can also make a pot of tea :-) A pot of cream from the local supermarket wouldn't break the bank, so, I'm planning to have a lovely cream tea cafe experience in the comfort of my own home, one Saturday afternoon with my lovely hubby, and as I write this, and think about doing this, I feel very excited and inspired to think up more eating out/eating in moments :-)

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