Saturday, 22 February 2014


So tonight I'm going to a ball. It's a ball our pastor's wife organises to raise money for a school we sponsor in Butale. The last two years I've been in the kitchen tent helping my daughter, who is a head chef and caters for the ball, prepare the food. This year I'm going to be served, rather than be the server :-). I haven't got a ball gow, but I do have a decent dress that I've worn once. So I shall wear that. My hubby didn't have a suit. He does have a decent pair of trousers and jacket, which can be worn together, but not a suit. Anyway. I was taking a look in the charity shops for a water proof coat that I can use for when we go in walks, as I haven't a decent one that keeps me dry. While looking, and I didn't find one, though I saw a lovely rain coat at a brilliant price, I didn't find a jacket, and that at the moment is more necessary than a rain coat. I did see a few decent suits however, A lovely black one, that sadly was too small for hubby. However, there was a nice brown sort of coloured one which fit lovely, so for a tenner, hubby now has a lovely new suit :-D Feeling very chuffed :-)

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