Thursday, 27 February 2014


Well. I was really surprised. The chocolate Krispie bars were a big hit!! Not just with my 16yr old, but with her boyfriend and my 25yr old son :-) If I had done them as cakes, they wouldn't have been touched, as bars, they've been transformed into the 'best thing ever!!!' lol. Looks like that's going to be a regular make until they get fed up of them :-)

Arriving on my Kindle this morning was my pre-ordered A Girl Named Jack recipe book :-) Looks good what I've seen so far. I really admire her and respect what she's done, and how she's gone about things. I find her very inspiring :-)

Did my shopping meet up with my 23yr old daughter. We do this most Thursdays. Visit a local supermarket, do our shopping then grace their cafe for a good 45mins putting the world to rights :-) Wonderful times to be cherished :-)

I've just booked an archaeological walk around Stonehenge that's taking place next month. Going with my hubby and 35yr old daughter. Should be fun. It's run by the National Trust whom we're members of. Looking forward to it :-)

Hoping, or should say aiming to have a bake day tomorrow. Get some cakes made and in the freezer for future use :-) I like to have a store of cake in the freezer, knowing when needed I can take one out all ready baked and ready to eat. In a weird sort of way, it feels like I'm producing 'free' cake lol. Will have to make a birthday cake tomorrow. as I have a son who will be 25yrs old :-)

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