Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wool fix

So! Another shop I visited today was our local wool shop, which is a fantastic place to go :-) It's small and crammed tight with goodies to satisfy a knitting addict like me :-) I can go to Hobbycraft, and although I always enjoy my hobbycraft trips, I usually end up going into my little local wool shop and getting exactly what I want :-) Today I nipped in for some purple chunky wool, ready for a pair of socks, and ended up browsing through her sale stock, and came away with some brushed chunky wool she had on offer. She only charged me £1 a ball as she wanted to get rid of it. Not a popular colour apparently, although, like her, I liked it, an earthy colour, and I know it will be a colour that the daughter to whom the intended pair of socks will be going to will appreciate the colour as well :-)

Khaki coloured wool that wasn't a popular colour and costing only £1 a ball :-)

Purple wool as asked by someone. Not on sale, but still a reasonable price :-)

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