Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A week on

It's just about a week since I started back on the Slimming World plan. I weighed myself this morning, and I'd lost 3lb, so I was a happy bunny. Good to see the scales on the way down :-)
Sadly, because of the diet plan, a lot of high syned foods had to go. As my hubby to has to lose a little tummy, I didn't want to feed him with it, so the bin had it. I consoled myself it was better in there than on my hips!!!!
I've actually enjoyed getting back into the plan again. I did last year, but my heart wasn't fully in it, and although I'd lost a good stone and a bit, I quit, and of course the lbs came back on, and a year on I was seeing myself back to where I was.
I'm not so keen on the Extra Easy plan. I used it on occasion last year, but I much prefer to use the green and red plans. Green being my favourite.

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