Monday, 26 May 2014


So I've been a little carefree these last few days with my resourceful intentions. Will have to be very astute for the rest of the month. Cafe visits at the minimum. Making sure if hubby and I go out we take food and drink with us, and keeping an eye on the fridge, which I haven't been doing to the best of my ability of late, and several food stuff has found itself in the bin :-( 
What I've come to realise is that it is so easy to slip into lazy ways, which causes waste of food and money, so this month I have to pull my socks up and not get sucked into bad ways and thought patterns :-) 

We had a lovely day at Tyntesfield, (which is near Bristol) yesterday.Such a lovely place and one I'd go to again. It's definitely at the top of my house list with Stourhead and Dyrham Park. I did take a packed lunch, and plenty of flasks for hot drinks. We did have a cappuccino and toasted teacake in the cafe there though. Just couldn't resist it. Hopefully I walked most of, if not all, off afterwards.  I hasten to add the cappuccino was a skinny one :-) However, it wasn't cheap, and I was a little cross I gave in, especially as I'd bought more than enough hot water in flasks to make 'free' ones :-) Never mind, I did enjoy it, and it was a lovely day out :-)

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