Thursday, 15 May 2014


So, even after behaving myself really well, and sticking well in line with the Slimming World diet plan, and I know I did, and I know that plan inside out and upside down. My kids tell me I don't need to diet, and they're right really. Although I could do with losing some lbs, I'm not exceptionally overweight, but I still get hung up on how much I weigh. At nearly 56yrs old, and 13 children later (10 living two miscarriages one being twins) I still seem to think I should have a body like my 17yr old daughter!!!!!! I'm also becoming very conscious that the impression I give to my girls by my constant on off dieting isn't a good one, and I am aware of my 17yr old already unhappy with her size. and she is very slim :-( I am as I write this thinking that I need to discipline myself to eating healthy. Eating at meal times, and not snacking on cakes and biscuits in-between. Fruit being a better option to snack on should I feel peckish at meal times!!!

Today I managed to jam my printer up with paper, and it is determined not to budge. Spoke to a nice service lady who was helpful, and the final conclusion was that a little bit of gentle male brute force persuasion was probably what is needed. So a job for the hubby when he gets home :-)

Went and had a pot of tea in Costa. Signed up to a double your points thing that was ending to day. Hopefully I should soon be liable to a freebie :-) We have a lovely Costa here, very friendly. For a small town we have three very nice cafes. One I've got particularly fond of. It's by our little stream, and their coffee is more to my taste. It's nice to have the choice of where to go to though :-) As the weather improves, I will probably take my own flask cup with me, and sit on one of the seats by the stream. A little cheaper than cafe prices :-) lol

Going back to diets. I do wonder with some of these high profile type diet plans whether they have a deal with some of the main food manufacturers??? It seems these popular food producers are the only ones who can offer 'safe' foods to eat as much of and it ends up becoming very expensive. I was thinking this morning that if we eat smaller portions, and more sensible food, we'd lose lbs and £s quite cheaply :-D

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