Sunday, 22 June 2014


Wow! My last post was at the beginning of June, and now it's nearly the end !!!! Unbelievable!!!
Lot's has been going on this month. Just had two birthdays. My youngest was 17 on the 21st June and my eldest was 36 today, the 22nd June :-)

Hubby and I have a new camera. A step or two up from the small digital ones. It has a 30mm zoom lens. We're pleased with them. The main reason for buying a new one each is due to an interest in wild life. Hubby is enjoying looking for insects and butterflies. I quite enjoy that too, but must admit I prefer taking photo's of more stationary objects like landscapes, buildings and people :-) I haven't quite mastered getting a clear picture all the time, especially when it's an insect, on the full zoom. I am getting better with stationary objects though. It's amazing how heavy the camera is in comparison to my little pocket one lol.
The good thing about the camera, is, it's getting hubby and I out walking, and not sitting keeping the settee and telly company :-) We've gone out most nights/weekends since acquiring the cameras, which is great, especially as we're being told to exercise more.

On the resourceful side it's been swings and roundabouts. I've saved some food stuff from being relegated to the bin, but not all was successfully saved, and some sadly got thrown :-( Last week though, we lived off the left over barbecue I did on Sunday. Just added extra choices and salad to what was left. Almost all of it went, which was a relief as I'd over done the cooking as usual :-)
Not a food resourcefulness, but resourceful all the same was the mending of my printer. I managed to get it jammed up, and in the process of unjamming it a part fell out, which looked like it wouldn't go back in. My wonderful hubby fixed it though, which has made me a very happy bunny :-)

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