Monday, 9 June 2014

Last week

So! The last few days have been busy!!! The last week really!! Started last Thursday when my lovely daughter arrived from Manchester with her fiancée. Here to have a trial pre wedding hair appointment, and make up session. Myself, the two sisters who are bridesmaids and of course the bride were all made up last week. I have to be honest, because I don't wear make-up very much, I was a little shocked when I saw what I might look like on the day!!! I'm sure when I have my hair poshed up and my glam rags on, I won't look so frightening lol. Also, my skin was really dry, so I don't think that helped. Since then I have been doing face cleans and moisturising. My beautician in training daughter is going to give me a face scrub and facial so I'm looking forward to that :-) I must admit I feel a lot better for it. My face is feeling tons better :-)

Also, another reason for the visit was an early hen night, which was lovely :-) We went to an Italian restaurant in Bath. Good food, and a great night :-)

On the Sunday, daughter and fiancée went to visit a car boot sale (hubby and I are going to give it a visit next week) so hubby and I took a stroll into our town to get some shopping, and went to have a coffee outside a local bistro. Normally, a little while ago, we would have been in church, but the church we were regulars to has now stopped meeting officially as a church on Sundays, because some of us felt were in danger of becoming somewhere people would feel they had to belong to, and then feel they couldn't connect with us if they didn't want to 'belong'.  Hard to put it in words where it could make sense. So now we are more community minded, getting out and being friends with the community, no strings attached. 'We love you as you are, and you don't have to be like me for me to like you' sort of thing :-) Anyway, on our little trip down town, we chatted/listened to a couple of people we know. One of whom was going through a difficult time in their life and was grateful to have someone to listen to him :-) To me that is just as much 'church' as it is actually being in a church building!!!

Having had a busy weekend last week, I didn't keep an ye on the fridge as well as I should, so some food stuff hit the bin which perhaps would have been saved into something else. Not going to beat my self up about it though. The weekend was very precious :-)

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