Monday, 9 June 2014

Losing weight

I have lost 6lbs so far. I'm not over trying. After having signed up on-line to Slimming World for the umpteenth time four weeks ago,  I realised that being bound to a diet regime wasn't my way. I only find I do so well, then get fed up of it and put all the weight plus more back on, so now, I'm determining to be disciplined and it's working very well. I'm not denying myself anything, and if I have a day where I might eat a little more than I should have, I compensate for it on a following day. I've stopped snacking in-between meals. If I do get the munchies, I'll aim to have some fruit. I have three main meals a day, and one sweet treat :-) My body is responding well, and is now getting quite used to this life style :-)

Talking about sweet treats, I made a sponge for the weekend which was very naughty but nice. Hubby and I enjoyed a slice, and there's still some left for us to have a slice for dessert the next few days :-)

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