Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A bit more

I've started to write my thoughts in Word. I like writing, and do keep a notebook to write things down in, but I don't always get around to it, so I thought I'd start doing it in Word. I like to reflect, and in a way, I use writing as my communication with Jesus. I'm not a big 'you need to be on your knees' type Christian. I'm sure many prefer to converse with Jesus in that way. I don't. I'm chatty, and that's how I like to pray. In a chatty way, and writing my thoughts etc is the easiest way to do that for me :-) I also like to write my thoughts down, or tell myself off, encourage myself, and write my ideas. Here is a sample from yesterdays writing.

I’m learning to ‘earn’ from the income that comes in from Rich’s hard work. How am I doing that?? Well, I’m trying to make instead of buy. Save on Costa costs, by taking my own hot drink with me. I ignore the magazine isles, which are a great temptation for me. Try to remember to take my Kindle out with me when I go out. (I always take my crochet) that way, I have something to do if I should treat myself to a cafe moment, and won’t go and buy a magazine to read. Or if I go back to sit in the car and have my own bought hot drink, or sit on a bench outside, I have something to do J All these things help, especially when you think that a magazine costs a fiver. So if I do nip into a cafe, that could end up being nearly a tenner spent. As I wrote that, my eyebrow rose, because looking at it in print, is a bit of a shock!!! I have to be honest. It does give me some kicks though to see where I’m saving money. At the moment, these savings are virtual, one day though, maybe they can go into a treat fund. J
Obviously, the biggest money saving place is in the kitchen. With all my extra time, I have no excuse not to spend some of it baking. My biggest enemy is that I’m so badly self organised. I talk myself out of doing things, then waste a whole day doing nothing that can be accounted for.
L So! This week, I’m on a ‘I’m going to do this’ roll. I’m determined to be disciplined and be of some use. If I’m not working, then I need to make sure I’m contributing in some way to make all the work Rich does less of a burden.
With that in mind, I did a bake up. Cooked two banana tea breads, a cherry cake and a fruit cake. Some of these will go into the freezer for another time, or when I haven’t time to make something. It’s good to know something is there.
J What I want to do is try and bake something daily, so I’m not bound to a whole morning bake. It would be good to conquer my fear of my halogen cooker that way, I can cook one cake. I feel guilty to bake a lonesome cake in the over. I have a small oven as well as the larger part, which is great for Victoria Sandwiches, but not for big cakes. I’m determined this week to bake at least one cake in the Halogen, and start to form a relationship with it. J
While getting the tins out this morning to get ready to be filled with mixture, it occurred to me, how much more time would be saved, if I prepared the tins the night before. I think then, I’d be more inclined to get on and bake!!! It’s psychological. It would be like waking up to something already done for you.
J My mum always does that.

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