Saturday, 15 March 2014

Catch up

Well I've been a bit distracted the last few days. Don't what with, because I couldn't tell you!!!! Just the last week has disappeared before I'd felt it had begun.

I can't say I've been all that resourceful lately. I've had small moments where I felt I could tap myself on my back, but I don't think for any real amazing feats of wonderfullness lol.

I have been busy knitting. Been busy making socks.
Done a little baking.
Went on a National Trust walk at Stonehenge. That was good. Sun was out, though there was a cold wind.

I saw on Amazon a book about living on ten pounds a week. I've put it in my wish list for my Kindle. It looks interesting. Thinking I might have a go at that. Ten pounds per person in the house :-) When I decide to attempt it,, I shall blog how it goes. Think I'll read the book first though :-)

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