Sunday, 23 March 2014


After feeling very spoilt by being treated to breakfast in bed. Darling Hubby made me some egg and bacon :-) I got up and made a tray of Chocolate chip sponge cake, which I cut into squares for the family and anyone else who comes into the house to tuck into. I also put a couple of loaves on in the bread machines. An ordinary one for my daughter, and a seedy one for us :-) When that was all done we spent the morning at Lacock, (see post below)

This afternoon I've been busy knitting. yes you've guessed it. Socks again lol. These are for another friend :-)Nice chunky ones, and I'm doing them in a round having adapted a pattern for two needle ones. The beauty of using double pointed needles is that there is no sewing up afterwards, so no bulky seams :-)

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