Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This morning, because I didn't have Arty Crafty on today. (Had to take our youngest to the dentist) I got on with a bit of sewing. I'm putting together some bags for our pastor's wife to take over to Butale for the children who go to the school we sponsor. They use them to put their school books in. I was given ten to do. I did four of them the other week, so I was determined to finish them off today. Me eldest came over and had a go on the machine. She sewed the last two bags up, and I put the handles on. While finishing off the second to last bag, my needle broke :-( So annoying. I still have one to finish off, and I really wanted them done today. I didn't have a spare needle to replace it either so I will have to buy some more. So frustrating lol.

We went out for a meal with my mum tonight. We went to a carvary which was nice. Very reasonable as well. Mum is moving into an independent living apartment. There will be a housekeeper, and she cooks for the residents twice a day. Mum has a microwave, toaster, fridge and kettle in her room. She has a fair sized room as well. It's really nice. She will be able to come and go as she pleases, and it will be good for her not to have all the worry of maintenance.

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