Monday, 31 March 2014

A little more

Over the weekend I saved some fruit from ending up in the bin. I turned the sorry looking stuff into a yummy fruit salad. Always feel pleased with myself when I do things like that. Makes me feel like I have made something out of nothing :-) On the other hand though, I had to throw some salad stuff that I’d forgotten about away, don’t like that so much :-) This week I'm going to do an inventory and go though my cupboards/freezer, use what I can and throw away what I can’t. That might be very painful, but I will know what I have got :-)
Today, I'm doing a recipe look up, and record session :-)
I had all good intentions to do recipes, and ended up spending most the day to get rid of pesky spyware that decided to attach themselves to my laptop :-)
 Now to get on with what I originally planned. So glad I peeled the potatoes for tonights dinner first thing this morning.

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