Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bit's and pieces

So, I've managed to save some food from being binned, but on the other hand had to throw some away :-( I haven't got around to listing what I have, and I need to do that.
For fridge stuff, I think I ought to date it. I'm thinking I can have a list on the fridge with the date it goes in, and it's use by date, because I'm finding what happens is I forget it's there. I had to throw half a pack of ham away, when if I'd realised, or remembered it's life was coming to an end, I could have made a pasta dish with it.
I am getting good at getting veggies through, and any left overs after being cooked, I pop them into the freezer for a future soup :-) I have gone back to buying frozen veg more though, because I can use just what is needed, so I'm not getting quite so much waste there.
It's salad things I seem to waste more. Especially lettuce as that tends to go off so quick after opened. Well the icebergs do. I'm thinking it might be better to buy the small gems and use them, even though they cost more, but at least they won't end up in the bin, being money thrown away. The bagged salad I don't like. To me it tastes weird, and also goes off pretty quick once the bag has been opened. I've started buying peppers singularly now, and not in packs, even though it's cheaper to. I'd use one, and then forget the rest, or not plan a meal around them.

I've been making more bread in the machines. We did buy a couple of cut loaves today, and although I have a loaf in the machine at the moment, we've kept one of the cut loaves out. We'll have the made one with some pies I'd made from left over mince meat. I did a mincemeat casserole in the slow cooker Thursday. What was left I added some left over veg to, and left over potato, and put into pies. Made two large ones and a small one. We had one Friday night with some veg on the side, so today we'll have the other two with some salad and homemade bread :-) Tomorrow I shall do a roast beef :-)

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