Monday, 14 April 2014


I treated myself to a coffee today. I've taken a liking to a little cafe at the bottom of the town. It's very quiet there, because everyone goes to Costa. I love going in and reading my Kindle. Yes I could do that at home for free, but I am always thinking of things needing doing, so to sit in a cafe and read is bliss :-) I'm there tomorrow to meet with a friend, possibly with my mum on Wednesday, and then again with another friend on Thursday :-) lol

Roast chicken tonight for dinner. Very yum :-)

I've been doing ok with using before buying. Have managed on most days to use something from the freezer or the cupboard so I'm feeling very pleased with myself. Haven't got to do the 'cake a day bake' I keep telling myself I need to do. I just seem to manage to talk myself out of it. I do need to make some cake this week though as I'm visiting my cousin, and taking a chocolate Victoria sandwich down with me.I'd quite like to get it baked, and popped in the freezer, so all I have to do Friday night is take it out the freezer and put it together on Saturday morning. Don't really want to find myself still needing to make it Friday morning. Priorities needing to be put into action here I think :-) Instead of talking about it, I need to do the things I keep threatening to do :-) lol

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