Monday, 21 April 2014


We had a lovely rhubarb crumble tonight that I made for some rhubarb I'd bought at a farm shop we popped in to :-) Very very yummy :-) I also bough a pack of their flour, apple and cinnamon flavour that I made a loaf out of. Again, a very yummy experience :-) Dinner tonight was a salad with some of the pork from yesterdays dinner, and I added some corned beef as well. Still got a lot of pork left, lots of pork sandwiches this week :-) Though I think I'll pick up some baking potatoes tomorrow, and have them for dinner, and we'll have the pork with them as well :-) Any remaining on Wednesday will probably be part of a pasta dish.

Hubby put up a new gazebo in our garden today. We lost the other one during the windy weather. He also cut the grass as well, so even though the garden is a bit topsy turvy at the moment, at least it looks tidy.

On the knitting front, I'm doing a baby cardigan, which will be taken into a local PDSA to be sold. I've made one already. Went into the town where the shop is, taking the cardigan with me, and forgot to go into the shop with it!!!! So it's still with me. I will take it in when I've finished the one I'm knitting now lol.

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