Friday, 4 April 2014

Another day

The last few days have gone pretty much the same. I’ve been avidly knitting, trying to make a good headway with the blanket I’ve been making for the last three years!!! That task has been made easier by recently purchasing some Vera and Death in Paradise DVDs, bought out of money from an Amazon voucher given to me by my lovely children for Mother’s Day. I love Vera. I think the character is so well portrayed. I fell in love with Death in Paradise this last series. I hadn’t seen the ones with Ben Miller in, so I bought the first two series that he’s in J I do love to knit and watch J

I popped up to our town this morning, nipping into the lovely little wool shop we have there to buy some new sewing machine needles. I’d managed to break my last remaining one. Of course I ended up not just buying needles. Even though I’ve put myself on a self inflicted yarn ban, I spotted some pretty baby wool, new in, that I couldn’t resist buying a ball of !!! Oh me of weak ways lol Must admit, I’m not feeling over guilty about the purchase J I will be giving the garment made with it to the PDSA charity shop in a near-by town to sell, so it’s going to a good cause J
I have managed to keep on top of food saving, and not allowing too much go into the bin. There might have been one or two items, but on the whole, this week, I think I’ve done better than usual. I have some mushrooms that are looking a little ropey in the fridge I ought to do something with, and some carrots needing to be used up. Maybe this weekend I’ll stick a casserole on in the slow cooker J
Yesterday, I used up some left over toad-in-the-hole with some left over roast potatoes, which were just enough for hubby. I diced them and heated them up in the oven, there was a little veg left over as well, so he had that. I had some left over corned beef hash with mine, and a small bowl of salad. Didn’t fancy putting it on plate, as I had gravy on my toad-in-the-hole, and I didn’t fancy salad and gravy together. Not my thing lol. Tonight I cooked some gammon, with potato wedges and mixed veg, and healthily fried eggs. Healthy, because I sprayed the pan with low cal. Spray, this was followed by the remains of some pineapple jelly and some ice-cream. A glass of low calorie wine on the side, and a black coffee as well made this all very yummy J (I did cook some gammon the other night as well, but we had pineapple with that.) The gammon was from some I had in the freezer, that I bought a couple of months ago from Iceland. All in all, I don’t think tonights meal cost any bore than a fiver for both of us. Bargain J I also Cooked it in the Halogen aka The Monster. I can do the wedges, and gammon all in one pot J It all cooked up lovely.

Tomorrow I’m going to a coffee morning at the ‘independent living residential home’ mum has just moved into. She was finding the anxiety of maintaining a home by herself to difficult, so now she’s living in a large house where she has a room. She gets two meals cooked for her, and in her room she can have a kettle, toaster, microwave etc so she can do some light meals for herself should she want to. She can come and go as she likes as well. She seems a lot happier since moving in. She’s still waiting for the finalisation of the sale of her house, which is making her a little anxious. Solicitors are taking their time and getting in a muddle. Other than that, I don’t know what we’ll be up to. Shall have to wait and see J

I've started to read a really good book by Wayne Jacobson. I’ve forgotten the title, but what I’ve read so far is brilliant. I’ve just finished another book of his as well that I enjoyed. So much so I’m re-reading it. Or I was until I started this other one. I have these books on the Kindle, and this morning I snooked off to a cafe, no not Costa this time. It was busy, and I wanted to be quiet to read, so I went to another one, which was quiet and cosy. Had a lovely cup of coffee, and a great read. Will definitely go there again J

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