Monday, 7 April 2014

Kitchen stuff

Tonights dinner was mincemeat with pasta. I cooked the mincemeat in the pressure cooker and used up some little over the top veggie that was lurking in the fridge. I did have to throw one pepper away, which had gone past being old a wrinkly!!! I did however manage to save one, and some mushrooms and carrots, so feel glad about that J

I still haven’t got around to doing a cupboard and freezer inventory. I am however attempting to use up what I have rather than going out to buy. It does mean some inventive thinking on my part, which isn’t always the easiest. I think there will be enough pasta stuff left for a leftovers meal tomorrow.  Those who don’t want to partake, I have some chicken nuggets and tiny waffles in the freezer that they can have. Yes, the latter is a bit junky but handy for nights when leftovers aren’t the thing everyone wants!!! Plus! I refuse to cook an extra ‘healthy’ meal. If they don’t want the one on offer, then junk food for that occasion it will have to be J

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