Sunday, 20 April 2014

Catch up

I managed to save some fruit from a grave in the bin and made a yummy fruit salad :-) Sadly I didn't get to save half a sack of potatoes :-( I just don't use enough these days. We don't have mash very often, I tend to use baking potatoes, and do jackets, or wedges, and very often, these sacks have very small potatoes in them, which this one did. Tends to put me off peeling them when they're so small, and you have to peel enough for everybody to have some !!!! I did get half a sack used though, so only feel half guilty for the wasted lol. I won't buy a sack anymore though, because they never all get used, even when I give some away to family. I shall now buy what we need as we need. Might work out a bit more pricey at the time, but in the long run, it won't as we on't be throwing any away :-)

Friday night for dinner, I'd made a couple of pasta quiches, popped a loaf of bread in the machine to have as well, got some odds and ends out of the fridge that were hanging about, and we had a glorified ploughmans :-) Very yummy :-)

Yesterday I visited my cousin in Boscombe. Had a lovely day with him and his lovely lady. I cut her hair. I'm a very rusty hairdresser. Haven't done a lot since I trained, as I've spent most of my time raising a family :-) Anyway. It didn't look too bad. Hopefully she's ok with it!!!!!! I definitely looked better after she washed it. Not so 'choppy.' :-)
I put the wrong post code into the satnav!!! Mistook a capital B for an 8. Didn't put my glasses on lol. We ended up in Poole!!! Not too far away so easily rectified once I realised my mistake :-)

I'm doing a roast pork dinner today. There's only three of us here, and we were going to go out, but decided a nice roast at home would be lovely. I haven't done a roast on a Sunday for as long as I don't know!!! I usually do one in the week. So it was nice to get up and pop the joint in the oven. The house is smelling lovely :-)

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